My Services

I enjoy designing fun, intuitive, and intelligent products that look fantastic and flow smoothly


Build an identity that has meaningful, clear, lasting power in any mind

Graphic Design

Professional visuals in either clean minimalism or ornately epic styles. Logos, iconography and interfaces


Seamless interaction flows encapsulate products & target demographics

Game Design

Fun, innovative, addicting feedback loops inspired from familiar mainstays & fueling the unique


User centered visionary brainstorming that ties every neural thread elegantly together

Web & Mobile

Cross platform design which harnesses the power of every medium on any device into a cohesive whole

About Me

Playing with everything I can get my hands on with coffee on quick draw, I'm interested in creating fun, elegant, and super cool products.

Designing games, interfaces, graphics, apps, and sites has been my calling ever since childhood. A true team player with the driving spark of leadership, I reap ideas and sow user advocacy with a tactical mind, strategic hand, and cool head as we drive towards our clear vision. The insight I gain from other viewpoints are channeled into finding innovative solutions to any task. All the while I'm inspired in execution, collaborative in spirit, and enthralled to see.

Effortlessly I'm The Bridge, threading business, marketing and development together with clear design. My unique blend of artistic, technical, psychological, and philosophical interests allow me to seamlessly communicate with every member of our squad while understanding their varied perspectives. I believe a team truly united can bring any product to life. Once "work" is play, then true mastery emerges.

Along with prototyping tools, I forge visuals and flows at speed using the Adobe Creative Suite and InVision. I stand apart from "typical designers" in many ways. First, I'm selfless in my craft, favoring the "Less (ego) is More" approach. Next, my Mathematics and Computer Science background allows me to understand my engineering squad mates easily. Last, I actively code in HTML and CSS, often in Bootstrap, and hacking together cool JS effects.

My professional journey began in 1996 at Razorfish Studios where I was taught by some of the best in the industry. Two years later, my design interests fused with my tech studies at Fordham University. Since then, I've been a proactive self-teacher of evolving technologies and methodologies.

A gaming lifer, I began with The NES at eight, lived & breathed The Console Wars in my teens, and now am into crypto gaming, playing every genre from Action to Simulation. Working at Game Revolution as both Lead Designer and Senior Game Journalist was an ideal start for me in the industry. Today, with the advent of Indie, Mobile, and Blockchain, I've lots to play with.

Aloha, I'm Mike Reilly - A TidalSwarm of Creativity. It'll be grand to converse.

















Quick Portfolio

View far more on SapioSoul, my legacy portfolio site

Apple "Cheshire" OS

Graphic Design, Logos

Magazine Two-Page Spread

Graphic Design, Ads

Worlds of StarCraft

Graphic Design, Logos

False Flag

Graphic Design, Game Design

Coca Cola Sponsorship

Presentation Design, Branding

App Slider Graphics

Graphic Design, Mobile

City Builder Game

Game Design, Facebook

Four Paths Astrology

Graphic Design, Logos

Flow Portfolio

Check out some user experience flows and interface architecture

User Rewards Flow

User Experience, Interfaces

User Registration

User Experience, Interfaces

Sweepstakes Onboarding

User Experience, Interfaces

Professional Sports Tutorial

User Experience, First Contact

Minimalist Tutorial

User Experience, First Contact

Politics Theme Tutorial

User Experience, First Contact

Achievement Earned Tutorial

User Experience, First Contact

Tooltip Tutorial

User Experience, First Contact

Web Portfolio

Pixel perfect web mockups and implementation

Sign Up Landing

Web Design, Mockups

Download Landing

Web Design, Mockups

Social Persona

Web Design, Mockups

eCommerce: Jewelry Designer

Web Design, Mockups

Rock Band Identity

Web Design, Mockups

eCommerce: Footwear Brands

Web Design, Mockups

Mailing List Coming Soon

Web Design, Mockups

Featured Game Downloads

Web Design, Mockups


Weekly Hours


Years Experience


Coffee Cups


Focused Ideation


Some of the great people I have had the opportunity to work with

George Scotto

Director of Business Development

"I had the great pleasure of working with Mike while I was at PlayUp. Not only is he one of the best at what he does, he's also a super nice guy and very easy to work with. The thing I like most about Mike is his versatility. He goes from designing and coding Websites to designing video games, testing builds and driving projects to completion. He also has a ton of video game knowledge and is very creative. I highly recommend him. If given the chance to hire, or work with Mike again, I would jump at it in a flash."

Gary Baddeley

The Disinformation Company

"In the decade or so that I have known Mike he has proven himself a reliable friend and consultant. More relevantly, perhaps, he is an incredibly intuitive and intelligent game designer. I am confident that he would prove to be one of the most valuable members of your company very quickly as his knowledge of games and their internal design is at the highest level. His work for Disinformation was stellar and during every one of our tight-knit company meetings with our COO and Art Director, Mike was an invaluable asset."

Douglass Perry

Director of Public Relations
Reverb Communications

"Mike Reilly is a funny, hard-working, dedicated, and highly likable, one-of-a-kind character. During my tenure at Future, Mike and I worked side by side to research and produce several web properties at Future, and his hard, steady work, accountability, and enjoyable disposition made it fun to work with him all along the way. He has multiple skill sets, is a quick learner, and always displayed a great attitude."

Robyn Lass

Future US

"Smart, funny and creative Mike is a fantastic addition to any staff. Hard working and exceptionally motivated you can be confident that he'll get the job done, plus two more, and offer some great ideas on what to do next! A great attitude and a ton of energy, you'll be happy to have him as a part of your team."

Contact Me

Let's talk shop jacked on caffeine. Email me anytime at tidalswarm [at]

Tell me what's on your mind, what you're working on, and how we may work together to forge futures that matter.